3D Steel Design Service

When designing the more intricate steel-related projects, there’s no better tool than a solid 3D design service using Computer-Aided Design. Our in-house steel design engineer can draw in both 2D or 3D, depending on the project and can fully design any frame or building to the engineer’s specification as required. Perhaps you need to mock up a design using steel beams such as universal beams, or universal columns to help decide on your order requirements. All our jobs are drawn up for fabrication and the customer will be sent a copy for approval if required. 

Here at Steel Beams Direct Ltd we offer the complete package when it comes to Structural Steel fabrication. 

3d Design Service Steel Beams Direct

Steel Design in 3D 

The main benefits of utilising steel design in 3D are saving lots of time and minimising errors in your build. You can create complex modelled structures with lots of different steel products to see whether you’re ordering everything you need.

We are a Reliable and versatile steel fabricator and steel supplier of all structural steel products, most of which held in stock for a fast lead time. We are based in Poole, Dorset but operate nationwide with clients all over the country.  Being versatile gives us the ability to cater to all aspects of steel fabrication, from smaller bespoke jobs for Extensions and self-build renovations, to the larger scale engineering projects such as steel frame buildings and new house builds.

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