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MS Round Bar
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Convex bar

Mild Steel Flat Bar

Mild Steel Flat Bar or Merchant Bar, is also known as rolled steel flat and flat strip. The mild steel flat bar has a huge range of applications from steel beams fittings and end plates, gates and railings, structural and domestic applications. Available in grade S275jr. 

Full cut to size service available on all sections.

Reinforcing Bar

Reinforcing bar is more commonly known as rebar and hi tensile reinforcing bar. This is a highly practical and critical part of structural reinforcing from domestic to large scale construction. Commonly seen in concrete structures such as foundations, the rebar ensures your construction projects meet all legal requirements.
Malleable and strong, our high tensile reinforcement bar is fully CE certified and meets all the British and European Standards. Steel beams direct off a full range of reinforcing such as Mesh fabric, cut and bent formed bar, along with the full range of spacers, hi chairs and tying wire. 

Full cut to size service available on all sections.

Mild Steel Round Bar

Mild Steel round bar is a steel rod commonly known as steel round, Round Bar or S275 Round Bar. The steel round bar offers an essential solution for all aspects of the metalwork industry from security gates to decorative projects.

Steel rounds are one of many adaptable steel profiles. They are robust and ductile making them a popular choice for everyday manufacturing. Available in diameters of 6mm-80mm. 

Full cut to size service available on all sections.

Mild Steel Square Bar

Mild Steel Square Bar, otherwise known as the solid square bar, is a multipurpose steel section mainly used for manufacturing. The solid square bar is a versatile profile suitable for everyday welding and fabrication. This product is used for a multitude of different applications. 

Full cut to size service available on all sections.

Hexagonal Bar

Hexagonal Bars typically supplied as “bright steel” are available across a variety of grades and sizes. Bright Hexagon Bar, Hex Bar, Hexagonal Bright Bar and Imperial Bright Hexagon sections are widely used among the engineering and machining industry. Grades include 230M07 (EN1A free cutting) 230M07 (leaded-free cutting)

Additional grades might be available. Please stipulate your requirements upon sending your enquiry.

Bright Steel Round Bar

Bright Steel Round Bar more commonly known as ‘bright steel bar’ or ‘bright round’ is available in a variety of different grades for different applications. Hugely popular in the manufacturing and engineering industry for turning parts, machines, tolerance machining work and tolling. Grades include EN3B EN1A, EN9 EN14A, EN32, EN16, EN16M, EN19, EN19 annealed, EN24 and EN24T, EN36, EN32M and EN202. 

Additional grades might be available at time of enquiry. Please stipulate your requirements upon sending your enquiry.

Mild Steel T Bar

Mild Steel Tee Section, also known as Tees, Tee Bar, Mild steel T.

Mild Steel Tee Section has a variety of applications across the steel industry. Deer fencing being a hugely popular application for example. Available in grade S275 

Full cut to size service available on all sections with the option of shot blast and primer painting.

Convex Bar

Half Round Square Edge also known as convex handrail, Half Round and convex bar. Offering an ergonomic section ideal for top rails giving a smooth feel to any handrail, balustrade and walkway. Comes as standard in 50x12mm and 40x12mm. 

Full cut to size service available on all sections.